The Untitled Artist League Film Project


Turning the corner on fifty years as a painter, builder and art-repreneur, visionary artist Edward Lentsch embarks on his most ambitious venture yet: to assemble a team of 100 fellow artists to teach essential arts and crafts skills to destitute and suffering peoples, both domestic and abroad.


The Artist Giving Pledge Movement is his personal initiative to donate a minimum of $1,000,000 of artwork to fund humanitarian response organizations worldwide. The Untitled Artist League Film Project follows Edward on his mission to recruit and unite artists, like-minded colleagues, and patrons to help build a world-class organization that teaches self-reliance and business modeling for creatives around

the planet – The Artist League.


We get a peek behind the veil in his studio showing his mastery of paint on canvas, capturing the process and secrets behind his signature style of widely mixed media with a rich lushness in the quality of both surface and texture. We learn about Lentsch as a polymath, his XOI Principle, Defining Synectics and The Infinite Equation of the Fifth Mind Step. We glimpse the integration of a practice as both painter and philanthrocapitalist seeing the many layers of trade-craft within interdisciplinary aspirations

and pursuits.


After finding early success as an aspiring painter, Lentsch tells us about the unpredictable

transformations and extraordinary trajectory of his storied career. We learn of his childhood and We get first-hand testimonials from notable clientele, dear friends, and long-standing family members of the exceptional breaks, as well as the crushing defeats, that threatened to derail a life-long passion. But when a near-death experience ends in miraculous divine intervention, Lentsch discovers a profound new

purpose in philanthropy, beginning the next chapter in his 50-year career.


At the birth of The Artist Giving Pledge Movement, Lentsch meets a string of moguls, visionaries, and philanthropists like stars aligning in perfect order and serendipity. He first meets William Shatner with his legendary Hollywood Charity Horseshow, Giving Back Fund’s Founder and CEO Marc Pollick and then Donna Karan, who introduces him to her landmark Urban Zen Foundation. From blinking lights blue sky one day to deals going sour the next there is a tension and stress of the pushing pulling /falling rising…

As the story unfolds we witness Lentsch redefining a new brand of “artist” for the 21 st Century. We see the evolution of an idea that’s time has come for new partnerships that will forever change the world of humanitarianism (and perhaps social-justice cinema), Edward Lentsch and his Artist League initiative gaining momentum to create a singular groundbreaking force for arts-driven philanthropy around the world.


This is a survey of all possibilities and something very special that will inspire every age from toddler to grandparent. It helps remind us of the most important thing in life that “where there is a will, there is a way” and “talent always rises to the surface” no matter what the circumstance. Fear and trembling, confidence and courage —-bootstrapping till the cows come home!! But in the end, past the pain, past the bouts of depression, doubts and total frustration, there’s a moment of transcendence in the painting itself finding profound purpose as it serves to further the mores of both grandiosity and humility.





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